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Tuckpointing is the removal and replacement of old crumbled mortar between bricks and stones. Tuckpointing is also known as repointing or just pointing. All three terms are often used interchangeably to describe the complete process of restoring older masonry joints.

Mortar, the main ingredient in tuckpointing, is the cement-type product that is used between bricks to hold them together and keep the weather out. Over the years, it becomes soft or “rotten.” It then starts to fall out, a little at a time. The first step is to determine which areas need repair.

The idea behind tuckpointing is that damaged mortar is removed, and it is replaced with fresh mortar. Tuckpointing a red brick chimney involves the following basic steps: basic steps: grounding or routing out the old mortar at a uniform depth and then filling red mortar into the newly routed grooves.